The Impact Of Social Media On Small Business

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Through these past years, social media has taken communication to a new level worldwide and, new technology has taken place at the beginning of this century. In this generation, social media has become an important part of people’s daily life around the world. Social media is defined as online websites, and applications that users use to share content on the internet. Some of the popular social media tools, and sites includes: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Disregarding the fact that social media has become an important aspect in the lives of teenagers to connect with their friends as well as making new friends; it is increasingly becoming a necessary component in the medium of any business. Social Media has not only begun to draw the attention of teenagers,…show more content…
It is proved that developing social media has improved the marketing platform. According to many marketing consultants, social media marketing efforts get up to 50% better return than tradition average tv or radio spot (Horovitz). These reviews show the growing connection American has with social media. Also, according to my research, “more than 80% of small companies use social media to promote their businesses list Facebook as their top marketing tool, followed by LinkedIn and Twitter, according to a recent survey of 2,292 small businesses by Webs” (Loten). This information shows the impact of social media on small businesses. According to Penenberg, “ Social networking sites, a component of social media, was responsible for more than 13.8 billion display advertisements in August 2009, which accounted for at least 25 percent of all display advertisements viewed via the internet” (Penenberg 125). This shows that, social media has changed global marketing, where marketers are not only depending on just communicating to a target audience, but also discovering new methods to impress people through Social
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