The Impact Of Social Media On Our Lives

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The article being analyzed in this paper is “Social Media Shadow” found at summer 2015 publication in Gazette newspaper. The aspects have been discussed in this article is depicting current situation in our social communications and social live. People were communicating with each other since homo sapience era, although it was not clear communications, yet it was attempt to express yourself, organize, and influence other people’s thoughts and behaviors. Human’s ability to communicate has dramatically expend from that primitive level of cooperation to the broader world of connection. Social media today is not only limited by news, entertainment, education, it also has a colossal impact on shaping peoples behaviors, opinions, and attitudes. This paper will examine the influences of social media in our lives. By applying symbolic interaction approach and “looking- glass self” theories, this paper will discuss how people use symbols to create social life and what impact it has on their perceptions of themselves and the world around them. The article “Social Media Shadow” examines the impact of social media, in this case the popular network platform Facebook, on individual’s perception of themselves and social life itself. Facebook is an example of high level of meanings people attach to the social media today, it is an “accurate summary of our lives” (newspaper…). From one side, Facebook is a great source to stay in touch with relatives, friends, colleagues, seeking help from supportive groups, promote business and so on. However, people who uses Facebook carefully drawing the image they want to present by selecting particular photos, they create an image that can be very far from real person. Social media is also reflects our percep... ... middle of paper ... ...distinguish potential harm that other people’s influence can do to our emotional health. Our world today is full of social communications and interactions with people all over the world. With new technologies [emerging technologies of the era that have a significant impact on social life] that constantly keep improving, our dependence on it growing bigger all the time; consequently, it has a big impact on us and we becoming dependent on it (Henslin 56). The time when people were drawing pictures on the walls are gone. Today mass media is a powerful force that moderate our moods, attitudes, and perception not only about the world around us, but it has an ability to create the concepts of ourselves as well. Therefore, we have to be able to make healthy boundaries with social life, be a part of it, and not avoid stress when we browsing other people’s Facebook profiles.
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