The Impact Of Mental Health Care

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Over the past decade, mental health becomes the important public health issue across the globe. Mental health problems are closely related with diminished cognitive, emotional, and social abilities that influence the way a person interacts with other people and the environment. Such conditions could include several common conditions such as anxiety disorder, mood/affective disorder, and substance use disorder which affect people at all ages (DoHA, 2009). People suffering from mental health disorder or behavioral disturbance should be treated urgently to avoid any harm (Lowthian et al., 2011)
In Australia, the number of patients with mental health problems going to the health services has increased over the year. Several studies constantly
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The lack of community resources and support leaves the A&E department as the only option for patients with mental health to seek assistance (Clarke, 2007). In addition, the growth in patient’s attendance to the A&E department considerably generate a burden on the staff and all resources since the A&E department is an inappropriate place for optimal treatment to patients with mental illness (R. L. B. T. D. Kalucy, 2004). The framework of the mental health care developed by the Victorian’s Government stated that the A&E departments should conduct basis mental health assessment and initial treatment to the patients with mental health. As an initial service, A&E departments have limited capabilities to fulfill the needs of psychiatric patients (Shattell, 2014). Therefore, all patients with mental health in A&E department with specific condition, for instance self-harm attempt, must be transferred to more adequate mental health facilities to get proper treatments (DoHS,…show more content…
Purposive sampling is chosen to capture both patients and health workers’ perspective on the A&E departments. In addition, by using criterion sampling, the study would focus on the factors that influence patients with mental health to seek support from the A&E department and the responses from the A&E’s staffs towards the patient’s attendance. Therefore, at the end of the study, the information related to the increasing rate of patients with mental health in A&E department of a public hospital would be provided. For those reasons, respondents would be selected from different educational and socio-economic backgrounds, gender, age and type of mental
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