The Impact Of Immigration And Cultural Diversity In Sports

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Throughout many decades, immigration has introduced a countless number of sports to the North American society. Without immigration, everyone would be the same, with less diversity. Immigration has not only brought new sports to North America, but has introduced new cultures, and techniques as well as greatly benefitting the economy. It has been proven that immigration has positively impacted North American sports society.
Immigration has allowed for the diversity and development of many different sports. It has allowed for cultural diversity and techniques to be shared. Immigration has enabled Sports such as hockey and lacrosse which were not commonly known outside of North America, to be known ‘back home’. Some of the best hockey players …show more content…

There can be many positives and few negatives in the idea of cultures combining into one. Diverse cultures combined into one team allow each culture to adapt and bond together to create friendships and let borders down. Attias (n.d.) justifies the idea that “Sport is a great equalizer that can build bridges, transcend borders and cultures, and render even the fiercest conflicts temporarily irrelevant”. This quote touches upon the idea of cultural diversity and borders demolished when combining sports teams together. Some players believe that having various cultures on one team is a distraction and they use immigrants as scapegoats (Stura & Lepadatu, 2014). But the thing is, without immigration and cultural diversity, new skills, tricks, techniques and mindsets would be kept in one part of the country.When a team has combined the skills and diversity are an asset to becoming the best team. In the world of an average soccer player in North America, the same idea applies. People with all different mindsets and cultures connecting with each other bring together different ideas and perspectives of the game. Cultural diversity is key to bringing different thoughts and perspectives not only in sports but to anything the world views. Having multiple different views on the same subject is a positive advantage which should be taken for …show more content…

From my experience, I have learned a lot from players not only from North America but Spain, Africa, India, Germany, and England. With the combined mindset of them all, you can learn an extraordinary amount of things just by watching how they play and talk about the game. Without immigration, the sports society would just be bland, with everyone doing the same tricks, same plays even basic things such as the same formation which in the long run would become boring and predictable. In my experience, I enjoy the fact you are always learning and the sport is always developing into bigger and better things each day. You are constantly learning from each other and sharing new and old tricks, and skills the other might not have known about. As said before, cultural diversity is a must and key idea in impacting the North American sporting

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that cultural diversity is a great way for individuals to bond and grow as teams. attias' quote touches upon the idea that sports teams can build bridges, transcend borders, and render even the fiercest conflicts temporarily irrelevant.
  • Opines that without immigration, some sports would not be as big and growing in size as they are today.
  • Opines that in the real world, immigration and cultural diversity are what can be seen when looking at any spectator sports. without immigration, the sports society would be bland.
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