The Impact Of Human Resource Management On Organizational Performance

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Defining Human Resource Management
What is human resource management? Human resource management is the task of recruiting, management and delivering guidance for the people within the organization from the top of the ladder to the bottom. The human resource managers provide information, training, guidance, career counseling, information regarding safety practices, and oversee many other operations that would contribute to the success of the organization. There are many ways to view and explain human resource management. One way to look a human resource management would be to see it as one individual governs and directs the labor of another. Looking it from the viewpoint human resource is basically labor administration. Human resource management can also be defined as “management/ administrative function in business, government, and nonprofit organizations that is responsible for handling employment, or personnel issues (Kaufman, 2008, pg 3-4). There are so many different functions that human resource management is responsible for the are the jack of all trades. Human resources provide information and play a key role in the development for the strategic management of the organization. In this paper, it will discuss why it is vital to take human management from an administrative role to
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They are many variances between human resource management and strategic human resource
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