The Impact Of Hope In The Shawshank Redemption

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Impact Of Hope Frank Darabont uses The Shawshank Redemption to explore the consequences of hope on the individual ambition. The hope has a universal effect on individual feelings to get rid of depression. The effects on the society are fairly emotional to great changing life moments. Hope springs eternal and symbolizes the demonstration that they can pop out just about anywhere. Hope helps keep people alive and anticipating the next sunrise with joy rather than gloom. It brightens projects and maintains focus. Hope is sustained by the confidence individual have in the knowledge of the situation, although the possibility of being deceived, by others, can undermine this confidence. Still, hope promises a time or place where things will be better,…show more content…
Hope is the vital foundation for all future plans and dreams. Without hope, there is no reason to believe life can be better. Fear makes the individual believe that finding hope is an impossible pursuit. Hopeful people never give up on their quest to improve life 's circumstance. Andy was a step away from a shattered life and toward the hope things could be different. He was a two-year journey that led to hope, love, and a new way to live. The walls of the prison destroy hope in the minds of the prisoners where they have the ambition to go anywhere. Prisoners who are living a lifetime has already given up hope to escape, but even there is a single bit of happiness, there will be bravery and courage in the individual 's thought and understanding. Love and passion to everything are somewhere in the midst of the feelings that prisoners have in the body. Andy and Red to overcome the soul-crushing reality of prison life to find hope and redemption. Finding hope together, they rise above the hell surrounding them to be a light to themselves and others. The distinction of the characters gives a hint to which individual, the hope embodies. Hope comes in and goes out and never stays around the individual, but it is waiting to be

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