The Impact Of Health Information Technology

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Health care quality and costs have been affected by many factors in the last couple of decades. Health information technology is one of the major factors that contributed to the improvement in health care quality and costs. Health information technology does not have one definite product. Health information technology is information technology that is applied to health and healthcare. Health information technology consists of the computers, softwares, and devices that work together to support health information. “The function in a larger sociotechnical system, including hardware and software, working together in an organization that involves people, processes, and workflows” (Kovner, 2015, p. 313). Health information technology is typically…show more content…
I knew very little about the health care delivery in the United States. What really surprised me was the cost of health care in the United States and how it is affected by health behaviors. Due to the high percentage of obese people in the United States it greatly increases the costs of care in the system. Day habits have a significant influence on one’s health. Nearly 70% of Americans are obese or overweight. This leads to many problems such as the major killer in America, which is cardiovascular problems and disease. In the United States, we spent $444 billion on overweight and obese related problems. Also, the organization of the health care system negatively affects patients. Also the reforms in health care will and has significantly impacted the health care workforce. Reflecting on my personal life and how public health promotes and protects the health of the people and the entire health status of the population really opened my eyes. I did not realize how much public health impacted my daily life until this course. Due to what I have learned in this course, it really changed some of my opinions and opened up my eyes. The health care system really needs to change to improve the health behaviors of the public, health disparities, and the accessibility of…show more content…
The system is constantly revolving to keep up with the demands of care. Health care has always been politicized and will be impacted by the presidents in the future. Every president has different views and stands on health care and the delivery of health care. The fear of rising costs could potentially also affect the future of care and what cuts there may be. Due to the efforts of measuring outcomes and comparing factors, health care is becoming more as a market. Providers are forced to find the best way to offer quality care with value. The major factor that has been and will be changing the future of health care is technology. There will be major breakthroughs in medicine and health information technology. Research would lead to better care and better understanding of the risks one may

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