The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)
Corporate social responsibility is a corporation’s initiatives to take responsibility for the organization’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing. It may also be referred as corporate citizenship which may involve in incurring short term cost which don’t provide a sudden financial benefit to the organization but it can promote positive environmental and social change. Corporate social responsibility is also known as sustainable business practice and it is used to describe the work organizations do that has a positive impact on the society, the economy or the environment. Among academicians and practitioners of contemporary world there is an upsurge of interest towards social responsibility of the
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This also applies to institutions of higher education (Christensen et al., 2009). Regardless of the location organizations are located in, there is a great impact of their decisions and activities on natural environment. Organizations are now paying a great attention towards these impacts that may be associated with the organization’s activities resulting in generating pollution and waste. Such impacts are reduced by adopting an integrated approach that considers broader economic, social and environmental consequences of organization’s decisions and activities. For human beings to survive and prosper, environmental responsibility is a precondition and is thus a core part of social responsibility. Environmental issues are closely linked to human rights, community involvement and development, and other social responsibility core subjects (ISO/DIS 26000,…show more content…
(2010) examined the content placed on the website of top ten world universities regarding the subject of environmental sustainability. In the research it was shown that it is quite fortunate to find that these top ranked universities are certainly aware of their environmental impacts are striving towards taking adequate steps towards sustainability. The study also found the pragmatic steps taken by such institutes as part of their CSR included reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, decreased use of fossil fuels, and inclination towards using renewable resources. These institutions have also found to be creating specialized environmental centers in order to create a greater amount of awareness among students and staff members. In order to keep pace with top ranked institutes of modern world and to take JK towards greater levels of success, it is inevitable for our organization to bring about new dimensions and changes into the present approach and take upon its social responsibility with much more seriousness and pragmatism. This can be done through imitating the same steps taken by world’s leading universities and would hence ensure greater and positive consequences on the
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