The Impact Of Computer Technology

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The impact of computer technology

Has computer technology enhanced our society or has it crippled our ability to function ethically? Computer technology has affected the workplace and compromised our privacy leaving us exposed for unauthorized use of our personal identity. Our world has become less ethical and it has become very difficult to trust or determine what is authentic.

In today’s world we are totally living in a computerized world and we have lost the human element. Many companies have transitioned their information totally to computers and software packages that has moved many people out of jobs. We are completely dependant on computers and our ability to do task on our own has become very limited. Listening to music has become very difficult to appreciate today because of digital equipment that can enhance sound and give the impression of a great artist when indeed it is just the computer. Computer generated music takes away the authenticity of a musician.

Technology is necessary but has it exposed and invaded our privacy? In our society most everything we do requires the use of personal information. Our personal information in the hands of the wrong person could be detrimental.

Hacking is unauthorized access to a computer system intentionally releasing computer viruses, according to (Baase 2008). Hacking remains one of the largest forms of theft with millions of dollars being stolen yearly. Hacking, for many early years did not have such negative impact on our society or was not taken as serious as it is today. Hacking in earlier years was glorified by young teens and even movies made about it. Hacking has become instrumental in identity theft today. For example my identity was st...

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The impact of computer technology 10

office has made my experience returning to school a smoother transition. The portion I mostly enjoy is spell and grammar check. Being twenty years removed from college, I have lost a few technical skills and this program continues to refresh my writing ability.

Clearly we live in a technological world that continues to change daily. Computer technology will continue to expose us and we will continue to have many questions however; we have to trust that programmers and engineers are ethical and will do their part to protect us.

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