The Impact Of Climate Change On The Environment

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Introduction In today’s modern world, we as consumers are caught up by how quick the world is advancing and not seeing the impact, it has on our environment. Today we are seeing more and more natural disasters and shift in the climate. This is due to human and organisations affect the environment. Some suggest that industrialised nations are consuming more than the environment can give, whereas non-industrialized are not. We need to work as a planet to rectify these issues (South End Press, 2000). Environmental sustainability is a key global issue for us now and it could be catastrophic if nothing implemented to mitigate the situation we as consumers have put ourselves in. Human consumption of natural capital is where it starts, from simply…show more content…
Such as the summers are getting warmer, winters getting colder, melting off the ice caps, and rise of sea water levels. These are the basic features of what climate change is and what climate change is doing to our environment and what impact it can have on us as consumers but have a major impact on organisations. Evidences have shown that GHG emissions have been rising each year in the past decade and it making a major impact on our environment. The primary cause for this is due to human activities, like the burning of fossil fuels, which is the primary cause (Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency. (2011). Scientists say that if we omit 600 billion tonnes by 2050 we will have a good chance of staying within the 2 degrees Celsius barrier. However, if we exceed this amount of emissions climate change could be so severe that this could be the biggest challenge for society (Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency. (2011). This evidence shows that we as consumers are having a major impact on the environment and if we don’t either adapt or mitigate this problem we could see that the world we live in today could be no longer in the future. Climate change is important for consumers and organisations to address, because if they do not a major loss financially could occur for the organisation. Bazerman states that climate change can be described as a ‘predictable surprise ‘and as a ‘wicked…show more content…
Natural disaster such as flooding, drought, bushfire, earthquakes and tsunamis can have a big effect on organisations. An example, the past decade Australia had one of the biggest natural disasters (drought). This effect had a major impact on sport and recreation facilities such as; grounds were not suitable for play and unable to water grounds due to water restrictions. This natural disaster could occur again and many other natural disasters could occur. This evidence states that it is an importance for an organisation to address and be prepared for climate change. Organisations have to address this by either adapting or mitigating the problem, they cannot solve or fix climate change but they can mitigate their impact on the environment and do their bit to stop climate change from getting

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