The Impact Of Alexander The Great

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Through the ages, historians have praised the reign of Alexander III of Macedonia, more popularly known as Alexander the Great. In his short years of reign as king of Macedonia, Alexander the great conquered a vast majority of territory garnering him as one of the most powerful kings of his time. Alexander the great was an intellectual man who used his knowledge to expand his kingdom. Through his military conquests of Asia, Persia, Egypt, and other nations, the Macedonian empire flourished. In addition to that, in Alexander’s reign he established the Hellenistic period which single-handed changed the nature of the ancient world. Moreover, the reign of Alexander the great integrated Greek and Macedonian way of living, established an impact that…show more content…
Unknowingly, the Thracians thought the greeks were supporting them and felt confident in their rebellion. As the Thracians thought they were prepared, Alexander’s army marched into the Thracian city, and destroyed everything in their way. This included, temples and homes, as well as the murders of women and children. From this battle, 6,000 Thracians were killed and all other citizens were sold as slaves. This battle set an example to the greeks to follow and obey the reign of Alexander the great. In addition to just establishing himself as a strong conqueror in Macedonia, Alexander ventured onto conqueror and influence other areas, including Egypt. Egypt, an already thriving society, found herself under the leadership of Alexander. While his time in Egypt, Alexander “changed the course of history in Egypt and constituted there the most durable of the Macedonian kingdoms-one destined to last three centuries…”. Alexander entered Egypt around 331 BC, and ordered that a city be established and named after him. This city was named Alexandria, which became one of the most flourishing cities at its time. Although Alexander never lived to see Alexandria built, it became a huge economical and cultural center. Shortly after, Alexander set foot toward

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