The Impact Of Absenteeism And Tardiness

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While working in my prior job I used to see many unethical issues that used to be oversee. There is one that called my attention, perhaps because I got to see how the person will do it over and over and didn’t get cut up; no in the time I was working there. For almost a decade that I know this employee, used to call out using his family as an excuse to be absent. The policy of the company said that excessive absenteeism or tardiness could result in termination of an employee. The rule explain that excessive absenteeism and tardiness will received the three steps warning, verbal, written, suspension and last termination. There are exceptions to the policy to receive an excuse absent or tardiness, which are doctor’s note, school’s notes or…show more content…
The problem is not so much the employee with excessive absenteeism and tardiness, but a boss that forgets that policy and regulation are in place and needs to be apply, even if it’s someone you feel comfortable with, you like as a person, you trust or its your friend. Is an unethical issue to ignore policies because you trust someone and instead of investigating whether is truth what the employee says, the boss decides to trust. Since we know clearly there is a problem, investigating the problem is important before driving…show more content…
The boss should apply the policy of absenteeism and tardiness, as excessive absenteeism is punish and is clearly mentioned in the employee’s handbook.
4. The boss receives a verbal warning for omitting the application of the policy in question. The fact that is been known, that the boss is not applying the policy because of basing decision in trust, is sufficient evidence to give a verbal warning. This is a stuff case as two individuals are involve and both needs to be correct, but after carefully reviewing each alternative to solve the issue the best alternative is application of the policy in place by the company. Although at first it seems more reasonable to reprimand the boss, the employee’s action is greater than the boss. The boos is acting in good faith although incorrectly, where as the employees is acting consciously knowing that what he’s doing is wrong. The fact that the employee is lying and taking advantage of his boss, is unethical and amoral. Is not fair to the boss or coworker his action, as he meddle with the health of the company’s environment by creating discomfort and frustrations among employees. What’s more he’s putting in question the stability of the business as there are state regulation that stipulate that he must be there at all time during business
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