The Impact Bullying has on our Children

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In today social living bullying is not tolerated anywhere. The cause and effect of being bullied are extremely damaging for a young child. The impact is on children is huge. There are the warning signs to look out for with a young child who is being bullied. They are hard to notice at times. The consistency of bad behaviors, depression, and lack of communication with the child are clear to understand.
Bullying is a bad behavior, were others are mistreated and are injured physically or mentally. It does not only happen in young children but to all. A child is harmless when innocent and when they’re not exposed to bad behavior. Therefore when exposed to another child being extremely harsh and mean, they get hurt and become afraid. The cause of others bullying is a low self-esteem. This behavior usually comes from a bad environment. This person was mostly likely mistreated and reprimanded the wrong ways. Many bully to get attention. Not only from parents but friends or strangers. Children become so afraid at times they wont even want to go to school. In many homes parents fail to see the warning signs leading children to become a bully or be a victim of being bullied.
Feeling bullied must feel horrible! Having a similar person being hurtful to the other. For a child who was not brought up in a bad environment it is extremely difficult to understand why another child his age is being hurtful. They wont understand they are being bullied and become afraid. The effect of being bullied or being the bully can be a tragic. Children will sometimes keep the situations to themselves because they become afraid. The child becomes depressed. The depression becomes so intense. They make up excuses on aches and pains to avoid going to...

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...n go a long way for a child. It could be a challenge for those who have been effected at earlier stage in life. But the positive affect can help them in the long term of their lives. Parents, schools, and communities should come together more often to discuss and share ways into how to stop bullying. We can also tech our young ones, nieces, nephews, neighbors how to stand up for them selves with hurting anyone. Teaching right from wrong and true matters of what is important. We are all different in colors, shapes, and sizes, but it does not mean we are any less. Everyone will have opinions its ok not to agree. We are role models and we must show our children which will be our future how to live right without being a bully or being bullied. Its ok to speak up, tell someone anyone. We can all make differences into decreasing this word BULLY we use way too much today.
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