The Immigration Of The United States

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Change, many people are pursuing change nowadays, and the most talked about topic that requires change is immigration. Many people believe that the number one issue in the United States are immigrants and mainly Latino immigrants, and there are 11 million illegal immigrants who Americans believe are taking over but statistically speaking there are less Latino immigrants than immigrants from Asia, Africa, Europe and many more combined, by attacking the actual issue of immigration instead of attacking the immigrants, only then can we move forward. “In 2014, 1.3 million foreign-born individuals moved to the United States. India was the leading country of origin for new immigrants, with 147,500 arriving in 2014, followed by China with 131,800, Mexico with 130,000, Canada with 41,200, and the Philippines with 40,500.” (Zong, Jie and Batalova, Jeanne. “Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States.” 14 April 2016. Web. 20 April 2016.) But the other ethnicities are being ignored which goes to show how ethnocentrism is incorporated into all of this and immigration is now a greater issue since US politicians have adopted this issue as America’s priority and through that, has not resolved anything and just keep on making it a bigger deal than it actually is and taking sides on the issue. Immigration reform is all about change and improvement to the current immigration policy as well as amending or removing faults or abuses. The immigration policy has been an issue for many years and truly the only Presidents who have tried are President Reagan and George H.W. Bush, when they granted amnesty to illegal immigrants and President Obama when he introduced DACA (Deferred Action for Child... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause they can. But they don’t realize that these are the people that are taking jobs that Americans don’t want to do they are hard workers and they suck it up. You will never see a much more hard-worker other than an immigrant that is trying to make it in this country, they will do whatever is possible to succeed here. We should actually put immigrants as a leading example of how we should be, committed, hard working and strong. The US has been wronging and pushing out immigrants when the one thing they should do is help them gain a path to citizenship the illegal and the ones waiting for their legal process and the current president and the government should work together to make this easier, for America to become better and have an economy boost and through that people will have more job opportunities and more successful immigrants because they had the chance to.

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