The Immigrant Age Problem In The Criminal Justice System By Jackson Peterson Summary

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Peterson within his journal article, “What’s My Age Again? The Immigrant Age Problem in the Criminal Justice System”, discusses the distressing immigrant age issue within the criminal justice system. Within in his writing he introduces three corresponding parts that help to shape and focus the argument of discussion. Part I examines the emergence of the age problem and the importance of age as a factor within the criminal justice system. Part II address the problem that age uncertainty causes and the ways in which the courts go about combating the issue. Lastly, Part III presents possible solutions to the overarching matter of age within the criminal justice system. Each of his points of discussion are greatly detailed and strongly written and boil down to the process of immigration and differing cultural values. Peterson’s article is found within the Minnesota Law Review, which speaks to its importance in regards to both our law and criminal justice systems. Overall, Peterson does an amazing job…show more content…
This strong correlation between the individual 's cultural values and the mainstream values is one that the social disorganization theory discuss in great detail. The social disorganization theory argues, that one 's cultural values fights against the values of the dominant group or culture. This is definitely the case presented by Peterson, by placing such a strong emphasis on the lack of cultural importance for immigrants to keep birth records and the great importance America places on age within the justice system, he is introducing two battling values, and as explained by the social disorganization theory the two battling sides ultimately led to a form diligent behavior; which in the argument presented by Peterson is overarching issue of age uncertainty within the criminal justice

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