The Immersion of Transformational Leadership

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Leadership has evolved dramatically over the one hundred years. From its early stages of endowed personality characteristics, leadership has evolved to a more dynamic and fluid process that surrounds itself in a more inclusive environment. While many leadership theories compare and contrast one another, the immersion of transformational leadership has truly projected the thinking of leadership into a new form of logic and context.
Transformational leadership is formed on a basis of inspirational and motivational qualities that drive a leader to guide others in such a way that is instrumental in the individual growth as well as the group growth within an organizational or personal setting. Rooted in a sense of utilitarianism, transformational leadership has a goal of promoting the goals of the common good and not the individual needs of the leader or the follower. In addition to this, transformational provides individual coaching and mentorship while still providing the needs of the common good. This delicate balance must be achieved so that followers have their individual needs met but also the group needs are achieved.
Interesting to note, there is a sub-division of transformational leadership emerging recently in which ethical and unethical transformational leadership has been established. In this discussion, transformational leadership can be used for both ethical good and unethical evil. This will be discussed later in the discussion and is one that must be established in order to provide a clear understanding of this leadership theory.
Problem Statement
Transformational leadership is a relatively new concept in leadership theory but it is one that is rooted in vitally important and utilitarian contex...

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