The Immeasurable Value of Science

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Few people would disagree that the study of science is a vital part of the world we live in. It is when you take a step back and assess why is true that you are able to appreciate science for it’s many contributions to our daily lives. When thinking of science, people commonly think of some high school or college laboratories filled with students working with Bunsen burners and beakers bubbling with colored liquids, but science goes far beyond the walls of these educational facilities. Science can be found not only in laboratories and classrooms, but also outside in a meadow, or in the kitchen of a restaurant, or even in the night sky. From pharmaceutical labs that create medication to helps people fight diseases, to a seventh grade class excited to launch their hand-crafted rockets, to understanding that scientific theories are used to better describe natural occurrences; science is everywhere, and is utilized in all different types of mediums. It is important to remember that science plays a crucial role in society and each person individually because constantly effecting us all in so many extraordinary ways. Science is subject in which many people view as a study of creating, building, and experimenting with things to discover and form results. One aspect of science is about creating objects and building knowledge to find results and products that expand on current ideas and devices. A popular television show on the Discovery Science channel, “How It’s Made,” offers viewer a glimpse into the processes of how objects from our everyday lives are created and assembled. In one episode, the show follows the process from which plastic materials are melted, dyed, molded and then run through a series of machines to produce thousan... ... middle of paper ... ...rough various examples of science thought of, explored, and applied in every day life, it is clear that science holds extreme value for individuals and society. Without science we would be drudgingly stuck with the same thoughts, ideas and products because we were uninterested in thinking rationally about how to improve upon these existing things to create and inspire better. Without science we would not be able to have an intellectual understanding and enjoyment of many processes and occurrences in our every day lives. Of course, without science, the white paper you read from, the shoes you walk in, and the car you drive would not exist. It is important to know that science plays a vital part in all of our lives, every day, at any given moment, and the value of science to the individual and society is immeasurable with all of these many things taken into account.
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