The Illegal Immigration Problem

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For many centuries, the movement of people from one country to another has always been a norm. However due to the tremendous increase in economic turmoil, terrorism and acts of violence, the illegal movement of people has increased significantly. This caused the term “illegal immigration” and ways to combat this growing threat to become a huge part of recent government discussions. One of the solutions put forward was to construct or reinforce a “border fence”. Though this “border fence” solution tool seems like a great idea, it has been widely believed by citizens that it will not solve the illegal immigration problem. Three main reasons why the border fence may not be the solution for the illegal immigration problem are firstly, the construction…show more content…
The border fence is an actual physical fence/ wall that would be built to keep others out. It would be built on land and not the sea. Being that approximately 71% of the earth is covered in water, building a border fence on land only would be of little use in solving the illegal immigration problem. This is because the immigrants would simply enter into the United States by sea. Taking a long journey across the border by land is typically more stressful than entering into the United States by boats. This is because the immigrants would have to walk long distances, carry heavy baggage by foot as well as face diverse weather conditions and various wild animals. According to NBC News, “it is proven that U.S. agents arrested 753 suspected illegal immigrants on Southern California shores and seas between October and Aug. 24, up from 400 the previous 12 months and 230 the year before. They also spotted 85 watercrafts since October, up from 49 during the previous 12 months and 33 the year before”. This significant increase simply shows that more people are either attempting to or entering the united states via boat than by land. Additionally, the building of a border fence would be like closing your windows, but leaving your front door wide open. For example, the ocean between bullring on the shores of Tijuana, Mexico to…show more content…
Over the years it has become a growing issue where legal immigrants would enter the United States with Border Crossing Cards or visas and simply overstay their time. These immigrants who overstay their visas are also placed in the category of being an illegal immigrant. Due to the fact that the border fence is a physical fence, it does not capture this type of illegal immigrants who have already gained entry as well as not hinder nor deter them from overstaying their visas. According to Government Accountability Office (GAO), “It is estimated that there were 2.3 million over stayers; which at that time would have been about one-third of its estimate of the total illegal alien population.” Therefore, it is safe to say that 33.3% of the total amount of illegal immigrants residing in the united states entered legally and wouldn’t be captured by the construction of a border

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