The Iliad of Homer

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When analyzing the Greek work the Iliad, Homer procures an idealistic hero with an internal conflict, which questions the values of his society and the Greek Heroic Code. The Greek Heroic Code includes respect, honor, and requirements to procure an exorbitant image. To be considered a Greek hero you must meet the perquisites and fulfill all of the aspects of the code. Achilleus was deemed a hero, he was the strongest and swiftest of the Achieans. Achilleus lived up to all of these aspects until his internal conflict began in the Iliad. Homers purpose in the ending of book XXIV is to restore Achilleus after his reconciliation with the Greek Heroic Code. Achilleus was the most honorable Greek warrior of his time. No one questions Achilleus, nor challenged him, because if they do they would be smite. Achilleus is honorable, he pays respect that is due, and gratefully thanks those who respect him. Up until his outrage in Book XXII all of Achilleus rituals have been consistent. When his temper overcame his natural inveterate intuition Achilleus immediately invoked all ordain and involvement in the Greek Heroic Code. One of Achilleus' major omissions can be found where he defies the corpse of Hektor. This motion surprised and befuddled the Greek Gods, and had them viewing a plan on a sleuth method of manipulation of the body of Hektor. This probationary period of time that the Gods created gave Achilleus enough time to debate and redirect his ritual...

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