The Iliad, By Homer

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The communist government in China has many of the Chinese citizens convinced that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not controlling them. Some citizens believe that the CCP are honorable leaders, and the people who revolt against the government are foolish. In reality, the people who revolt are the heroes trying to save their country, and the leaders are corrupt, power-hungry, cruel people. The real hero does not always get the acknowledgement he deserves; sometimes the nemesis is mistakenly believed to be the hero. In The Iliad, Achilles and Hector are sometimes confused by the readers as to who the hero really is. The Iliad is an epic poem written by Homer about the Trojan War and many conflicts within it. In this poem, The Iliad, Homer presents Hector, not Achilles, as the true hero of the epic and the personification of honor and virtue. Homer portrays Hector, not only as a man with great morals, but also as a role model to all the Trojans. Throughout this story, Hector has all the right things to say and makes all the right decisions. Hector is a man who always puts his family first. Hector says, “But may I be dead and the earth heaped up above me before I hear your cry as you are dragged away” (vi. 488-490). Hector’s choice of words help to emphasize that he would always fight to protect his family, and his family’s life comes before his own. Hector’s comment to his wife, Andromache, helps to demonstrate that he is a very protective man who holds true to the vows he took as a husband and father. Not only is Hector protective of his family, he also stands up for all the Trojans no matter what obstacles come his way, and he faces these herculean tasks without any hesitation. Hector says, “So, Patroclus, you thought you cou... ... middle of paper ... ...eserves; sometimes the opponent is mistakenly thought to be the ally in certain situations. A hero is not always the person who is powerful or has divine qualities but is someone who is admired for courage, noble qualities, and who is honorable or virtuous. They are driven because they know fighting for their cause is the right thing to do. In many instances, the true honorable hero is imperceptible at first, but is later found to have been there the whole time. Honor is high respect which cannot be received just by being powerful; honor can only be presented to those who have a true virtuous conscience. Just like the Communist government in China, many of the Chinese citizens do not realize that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is corrupt, but, the citizens will later find out that they were oblivious to those people who truly had righteous intentions for everyone.

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