The Igbo Religion In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Chinua Achebe born November 16, 1930, was raised in a large village by the name of Ogidi, which is in southeastern Nigeria. Raised by his parents, he excelled in school and even won a scholarship for undergraduate studies and was a graduate at the University of Ibadan. In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, He tells a story about the protagonist Okonkwo who is the leader of the Umuofia Tribe for the Igbo people. The Ibo religion has one GOD by the name of Chukwu who was the believed creator of heaven and Earth. Similarly the Oracle was a prophecy from GOD that the people must obey, and if disobeyed they shall be dammed. The Christianity religion of the western people, impacts the Igbo tribe through education, language and traditional…show more content…
Abiola Irele states that, Mr. Brown 's school produced quick results. A few months in it were enough to make one a court messenger or even a court clerk. Those who stayed longer became teachers; and from Umuofia, labourers went forth into the Lord 's vineyard. New churches were established in the surrounding villages and a few schools with them. From the very beginning religion and education went hand in hand.” [128] In the Ibo tribe, In addition to the white men disrupting existing cultures and planning to take the land, they even tried to implant their language into schools around the tribes. Mr. Brown a missionary of the tribe despises the fact the Americans are disrupting the school built by him in the Umuofia tribe. He is upset because it sets a bad example for him because he went around the tribe-begging people to send their children to his school. Slaves and lazy people attended, but this was not good because he argues and prophesized that that if they don’t send their children, the leaders of the land in the future would be men and women who learned to read and write. Mr. Brown says in the novel, “If Umuofia failed to send their children to the school, stranger would come from other places…”(186). In a way Mr. Brown foreshadows what is going to happen to the tribes and how the white men are coming and are going to ruin their way of life. Okonkwo left Umuofia for seven years, and when he returned a lot changed. It was changed because when he returned the new system was in people’s eyes, which is negative because the evilness came and destroyed the
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