The Ideology Of The Perfect Body And Body Image

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In the society that we live in today, the body plays a critical role in how we perceive our own physical bodies and how they are observed by others. It determines what we choose to wear, how we compare our own bodies to others, and how we carry ourselves in the interactions that we have. This paper will examine how the ideology of the “perfect body”, so dearly embraced by Western Culture, affects how people judge you based on your appearance. This impacts how physical characteristics are associated to our bodies, and how these perceptions influence individuals to change who they are and how they look in order to meet society’s expectations. Individuals want to have traits such as beautiful, gorgeous, hot,fit and muscular associated to their body image. I will also talk about my own body and the personal experiences that I have encountered over the years both positively and negatively influencing my image, and how these experiences can relate to what…show more content…
The fact that I am a female that is 5’7, weighs 110, wears size 1 jeans and is either an xsmall or small when it comes to clothing, makes me unique and different from my sister, friends, family members and other individuals in society. Just imagine if everyone resembled the exact same body; life would be boring. My body image is usually compared to that of a model, as many individuals believe that I have the physique that resembles those physical characteristics. I feel like the way that I dress also contributes to this association because I have a passion for fashion; I enjoy creating new outfits and wearing them during my free time. On some occasions I have had people approach me with curiosity and actually ask if I model; they tell me that I should pursue a career in the modeling industry because I would make a good
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