The Hunter

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-The night was filled with darkness, which bred darkness into even more darkness. The head lights would cut into the night like a rapier and the defining silence would be shattered by the screaming of horsepower beneath the hood and the booming of Devildriver’s-”I Dreamed I Died” over the vehicles system. I could barely hold my eye’s open, the nightmares lately were to almost to much. The twisted faces laughing they’re twisted laughs, dark figures watching over me as if they were waiting for my final breath so they can pounce like hungry lions. But they can wait, it’s like I used to tell the boys in delta. No dieing tonight! Shit heaven doesn’t want me, and hells afraid that I’m going to take over anyway. I could see some lights piercing through the thick blackness ahead, looks like a roadside motel. Maybe a truck stop.- -Pulling into the parking lot I gave the place a once or twice over, checked out the surroundings. It appeared to be a motel with a diner around the side, I’d park toward the outskirts of the parameter so that I could keep the vehicle concealed. Stepping out I’d take another quick look around, there wasn’t anything that seemed out of the ordinary so I retrieved my lighter and lit the cigarette that was hanging loosely from my lips. The embers would glow a cherry neon red in the darkness, exhaling the smoke I pulled the hood of my jacket up over my head and began to move. Every movement was graceful, but every step had purpose behind it. Entering the main office I’d find an old man waiting behind the desk, he was completely uncaring of my presence, caught up in his encore western channel film festival I would speak out, my voice hard edged yet smooth all at the same time. [color=400000]” Give me a room old man…... ... middle of paper ... ... got off my shift, they told me what you did at the dinner. I just wanted to thank you.” the words seemed heart felt enough, giving her a nod a grin would slowly creep it’s way across my lips. [color=400000]“Don’t worry about it, some people give shit and some people take it…Then you’ve got people like me who just clean it all up afterwards.” [/color]she would move closer, gripping me around the neck and kissing my lips softly. “You didn’t have to do it though, most wouldn’t have.” she smiled and backed away “Thank you..” would be the last words she said to me before disappearing into the darkness of the parking lot. Still a bit confused by the kiss I just shut the door, locking it once again and moved to the bed. Tucking the handgun beneath the pillow I would lay there a few moments before closing my eye’s and drifting of, maybe the nightmares wont find me tonight.
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