The Hundred Years' War

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S.S Draft 5/28/10 Despite already having captured land on French main land prior to the Hundred Years’ War, England was unsuccessful in capturing the French Throne because they were out numbered, did not establish a proper beach head, and were hurt by the heroics of Joan of Arc in Phase IV. The Hundred Years’ War was unsuccessful because England was not able to capture the French throne. From 1328-1360 was phase one of the hundred years war. It started off with a bluff from the english king Edward the 3rd. Edward pretended he want to rule France and France din’t want to go to war so they gave him the land that his family has bin fighting for for many years. In 1330 the war really started and England's first move was to put 4,000 to 7,000 troops on a pace of land that they owned in France called Gascony. In the first Phases England was losing. The French attacked first, and wouldn’t stop to let england retaliate. It took a long time for a retaliation. The French were ready for an invasion in 1338-1339, so he placed 6,000 troops Garrisons Hainault and waited for edward until sept 1339. In 1339 Edward became the vicar general. Witch gives him power over most of the countries armies in Europe. The english fleet caught the french Sluys on june 24 1340. This was a complete disaster for the french, they lost 90% of there ships and perhaps as much as 18,000 men died. Disease was a big part of the war because at camps were it was crowded disease spread fast and can wipe out armies. philip VI died on August 2nd 1350. The new king John 2nd carried out military reforms in 1351. on August 29 1350 Edward the 3rd defeated a Castilian fleet. It power was split so on May 8 1360 a treaty was made gave Edward full sovereignty in Calais, Po... ... middle of paper ... ...into two sides, the Armagnacs and the Burgundians, making it easer for the English to invade France. The Armagnacs were more supportive of the French. The Burgundians sided with England. In 1424, Joan of Arc first started to see visions. She was twelve years old. In her vision she said she saw angels and saints. In two or more occasions, another person saw the angels, too. In 1422, she became part of the French army. In 1429 Joan of Arc went for visits through enemy territory. The English backed off. On one visit she was captured by the Burgundians and accused of being a witch and a cross dresser. On the day of her execution she asked for a cross and then they burned her to death in 1431 at age 19. In 1909, she was named a martyr and in 1920, she was given the title of saint. Works Cited