The Human Voice

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Our voice is our primary mean of communication, and most of us can’t go for more than a couple of minutes without using it. We don’t use your voice for just talking though, our voice can be used to do a variation of things. The most obvious example would be singing. So it is obvious the human voice is a means of communication, but it is also a source of pleasure for us. The human voice is not limited to just a couple sounds, no, the human voice can make a complex range of sounds but none of this could be possible if it weren’t for the complex system you possess in your throat.

First I’ll start off by talking about the physical components and how they contribute to the production of your voice. There are only about 6 main parts to your voice. They are as follows, muscle/mucous, air, tongue, teeth, palate, and lips. The tongue, teeth, palate, and lips are more formally known as the articulators, because it is with these parts that we form words and sentences. The muscle and mucous make up your vocal cords (vocal folds). Your vocal cords are tiny paired muscles that ...
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