The Human Resource Function

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Human resources on the whole, encompasses a vast amount of responsibilities. “Human resource management (HRM) is the organizational function with responsibility for attracting, retaining, and managing the people who make up organizations." (Bogardus, p. 2, 2004) We will be identifying and looking at some of the important functions that HRM performs, and how these functions are essential and contribute to the growth of the organization. Recruitment and Employee Selection Recruiting and selecting employees is one of the key functions that the human resource department performs for an organization. This is also known as the workforce plan or workforce planning . "Workforce planning is a systematic process for identifying the human capital required to meet agency goals and developing the strategies to meet these requirements." (Sekhri, p. 653, 2010) This function is the most obvious in terms of what is vitally essential in order for an organization to function, let alone grow. “Far too many companies skim over the workforce planning process if they do it at all.” (Christensen, p. 119, 2005) A workforce plan should be considered part of the business strategy. “Getting the right workforce is one of the most strategic elements of any good business strategy.” (Christensen, p. 122, 2005) If the organization does not rely on the HRM to supply the business with effective, efficient and talented people for the right jobs the strategy is being poorly executed for long term business plan. “The workforce plan must be integrally connected to the strategy of the organization and the capabilities that it needs to develop to be competitive in the marketplace. If it is not tied to the strategy, it will never be of much value.” (Christensen, p. 1... ... middle of paper ... ... reality. Saranac Lake, NY, USA: AMACOM Books. Employee loyalty: A balancing act between workplace demands and employee needs – part 2 | monday mornings with madison Retrieved 11/21/2013, 2013, from Human capital: Definition of human capital in oxford dictionary - american english (US) Retrieved 11/21/2013, 2013, from Sekhri, A. (2010). Human resource planning and audit. Mumbai, IND: Global Media. Ullah, M. M. (2012). The emerging roles of HR professionals in driving organizational change. Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics & Information Technology, 2(3), 80-90. Retrieved from
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