The Human Resource Frame Analysis: Team Work

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Frames Analysis
Structural Frame
One of the main issues impeding the efficiency and preventing successful teamwork in this situation was uncertainty with the structural design of this project team. I was more familiar (and comfortable) with a rigid chain of command structure. My belief that we should be precisely executing the stated orders of our Navy leadership created obstacles for the other team members. Other more academically inclined team members were less oriented toward this centralized structure and therefore did not comprehend my opposition to their content ideas.
As soon as it became apparent that there were significant differences with the team’s structural identity, one course of action would have been to begin by defining the team’s contextual variables. Bolman and Deal caution that within small groups or teams, when situations become confusing or time constrained, it is difficult for groups to make quick decisions without clear centralized authority or unambiguous policy (Bolman & Deal, 2013).
Rules and Roles
Since there were ideological differences among team members as to the exact structure of this project team, my refusal to listen to other views allowed for rapid escalation of the conflict. Setting up the contextual variables at the beginning of project work by determining 1) who was in charge; and 2) how the team would make decisions, would have likely alleviated any confusion with the team’s structure.
Again, divergent views of the mission and goal of the project as a result of alternative interpretations of the team structure led to confusion. My stubbornness in believing that the primary goal was to promote Navy’s environmental stewardship and unwillingness to consider any other altern...

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...ult to provide any deeper meaning with some of the key concepts of the symbolic frame in the context of the situation as it was presented.
If I had the opportunity to re-live my situation utilizing the four frames analysis knowledge as a guide, I would most certianly clarify the structure of our team at the very start of the project. If that structure was a rigid chain of command, or a loosely devised informal team, or something in between it would not matter. What would be most important is that every team member would know what that structure was, what each team members role was, and what were the teams overall goals, required actions, individual skills, and leadership structure.

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