The Human Philosophy

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The Human Philosophy The broadcasting of the Music Television Station (MTV) and Public Broadcasting Station(PBS) inform the public of various issues concerning news, politics, education, and also a source of entertainment. MTV is a television station that is hip and trendy, while it still covers the main issues of today's society. MTV is known for its flamboyance, the host/hostess are dressed very trendy, the guest are famous and rich, and the shows are informative but not to serious. PBS on the other hand is a station that has all the things that MTV offers but uses subtle antics. While MTV uses it flamboyance for recognition, PBS uses its low-key profile that mainly focused on family and education. The broadcasting of MTV and PBS informs the public of various issues concerning the news, politics, education, and is also a source of entertainment PBS is devoted to the education of adults and children. Its has a wide range of shows that are for education and the topics are interesting. In which PBS has used for their advantage to gain popularity. The shows are different each week, PBS only has a few sitcoms that air weekly. Most of the free airtime is used for shows that are educational but interesting. The shows have topics that deal with animals, wars, the growing of flowers, cars, childcare etc. The topics are unlimited and that is what keeps people watching PBS you never really know what you're going to see. On the weekends PBS has a program called Austin City Limits. A lot of famous bands/singers perform on this show. The bands are usually made up of 5 or 6 people, which makes the atmosphere less like a concert. With the band being smaller it makes the vocals of the lead singer stand out. The audience... ... middle of paper ... ...annel is devoted to teen bands and rock groups. They show bands live in concert in another country. They also have fashion shows at the beach. The clothes are very unique and it makes you wonder who designs clothes that looks like that. When you first see the clothes you wonder what kind of people would wear it. Then a month or two later you go out and you see someone wearing that outfit you thought was so strange. In the early 80's MTV didn't talk that much about politics but that was due to ratings. People today realize they are the ones that choose who to run the country. MTV made that clear on a show called, Chose or Lose. It was trying to make people aware of the benefits from voting. They talked to the candidates and made them state their reason for running for president. It was very informative and made selecting a president less complicated.
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