The Human Government System

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The Human Government System As the Human Race enters the new millenium we have created a somewhat organized and affective society. This society consists of many states that govern their people by allowing them to go about their daily activities and providing them services without a large amount of chaos interfering in their lives “Human beings usually do not venture out of their caves (or the modern counterpart) unless there is a reasonable probability that they can return safely.” (Lowi & Ginsberg, 12) Whether a particular government is very constricting or very helpful to the citizens, humans flock into political societies in order to concentrate on their allowed freedoms instead of anarchy in which legality and a right of ownership are non-existent. Humans therefore are obligated to create an environment where the “golden” bounce between freedom of the people and regulation by the government exists in the right amounts to produce harmony. The “Aim in founding the State was not the disproportionate happiness of any one class, but the greatest happiness of the whole.” (Socrates, 25) Humans are drawn toward a government to regulate so everyone can go about their lives without large amounts of outside worry to their existence. The fundamental common cause of a Human Government is for the overall welfare of the citizens by providing security and a ruling hand to prevent irrational chaos. The main point of what a Human Government strives to achieve is to act as a provider of liberty. Liberty is defined as, “The absence of external impediments: which impediments, may oft take away part of a man’s power to do what he would; but cannot hinder him from using the power left him, according as his judgement and reason shall d... ... middle of paper ... ... up to today’s huge conglomeration of governed territory across all the land surface of the entire Earth. Humans were drawn into political societies in order to live in relative comfort by paying the price of their natural liberties. People today obviously do not know first-hand what it is like to live in a large non-governed society. However, it can be deduced that the price of losing natural liberties was well worth it or the entire human race would not be governed. Time and time again, when an active government collapses, a new one springs up moments later to take the old ones place. Although all the great philosophers have similar ideas about why humanity forms political societies, they all decompose into the fact that governments are formed to fill the human need for security and necessary services so citizens can achieve a happy continued way of life.
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