The Human Fee Of An Illiterate Society By Jonathan Kozol

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Functional Illiteracy: A Far Reaching Social Issues with Few Easy Solution In his essay “The Human fee of an Illiterate Society,” Jonathan Kozol addresses the challenges that people who 're functionally illiterate face on an everyday basis, and posits the argument that society at significant suffers from this concern as good. For illustration, Kozol mentions the fact that many of these people vote blindly or do not vote at all in elections, concluding that their uninformed votes could have influenced the elected officials who took place of business. He offers sobering facts, corresponding to the truth that 60 million men and women that were functionally illiterate in 1980, and provides first-hand quotes from a few of those affected. His article…show more content…
The clearest type of repetition in his essay is in paragraphs 16 by means of 24. In each of those paragraphs both the first phrase or the first sentence includes the word "illiterate". By way of Kozol 's use of repetition, the word "illiterate" is used more than one times makes it possible for us to appreciate how real deprived non-readers are. These humans are no longer in control of their lives or actions and are consider helpless to vary their direction. Kozol desires them to be seen as victims of society and individuals who are literate. Also, to carry the dangers illiterates face in brand new society. Kozol repeats ‘illiterates can 't” to highlights the barriers of illiterate persons need to avert with a purpose to reside a typical American life. Kozol also has numerous “illiterates don 't” and “illiterates rely” to additional emphasize the shortage of liberty and dependency on different humans’s believe and sincere intentions. Via the repetition of the phrase Illiteracy, the reader can appreciate the ache and hardships illiterate individuals ought to expertise. The phrase becomes more robust with each and every point out within the essay. For illustration, in Paragraph 10 “Illiterate can not learn directions on the bottle of prescription medicine “that is the serious main issue the Illiterate face because they is also allergic to some drugs and they may be able to put their lifestyles in
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