The Human Condition, by Hannah Arendt

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In Hannah Arendt’s work, The Human Condition, Arendt addresses the active life or Vita Activa and how the three major human activities are incorporated into the public and private realms. The private realm, in which finances and basic needs are met, exists within the household. The Public Realm involves politics and interaction between individuals. All interaction within the public realm requires the individual to have attained freedom. As society continues to develop, however, and the Modern Age takes over the rise of the Social Realm disrupts the hierarchy of these three human activities. Arendt writes about how this disruption damages the natural order. Each of the three human activities has it’s own place in society and by disrupting the natural order this shift towards the Social Realm causes issues for mankind.
The Private Realm provides individuals with safety and comfort. In this area the basic needs of survival such as sustenance, shelter, and protection are provided on the individual level. This community is organized through the naturally occurring family unit who then function together preforming different tasks in order to cohabitate in the best possible manner. Arendt confirms this by writing, “Natural community in the household therefore was born of necessity, and necessity ruled over all activities performed in it.” (Arendt, 30) The Private Realm requires Labor, the first human activity, to function properly. Society looks down upon physical labor and those whom toil in it, therefore, slaves and servants are used to fulfill the requirement of labor. The man is in charge of those who labor and is expected to use force if necessary to maintain order. The woman preforms household duties such as cleaning and maintenan...

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... social aspects of life. News reports of scientific breakthroughs rarely make the news because they are not viewed as important as the social or political news. The greatest possible good is achieved with a group of people, seeking a single answer or goal, and not giving up on the question until an answer is discovered. When group of actors meet to develop a single theory or thought the result is always better than with the individual. Even should the individual come to the same answer, the group will likely be able to show the easiest and most efficient methodology. Education and the advancement of knowledge through the use of peers is the best use of acting. Education and the advancement of knowledge are the two most important aspects of action.

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