The Huge and Famous Bridges in the World

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Have you ever thought about how many bridges are there in the world? I did and I researched everything about the bridges. Let’s get this question first of all. There are six hundred thousand bridges in the United States if we consider all bridges small or big. This number is valid for only United States that means there are so many bridges we can’t even count. However even we have counted them they are built new ones and destroyed old ones day by day so the number will change eventually. It was researched the information about some of famous bridges which are known most by people.
When you ask people around the world “Which bridge is the most famous?” most of their answers will certainly be “Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge or Bosphorus Bridge”. It can be explained why these are famous as the following sentences. These bridges are known most by people because of TV and cinema. Directors have noticed the beauties of these bridges and they wanted to use them in their movies and TV series. They are definitely right these bridges are engineering marvel. They are designed perfectly maybe that is the most efficient reason why they want to ornament their TV series or movies with these perfect designs. In here it is going to explained how these bridges was built, how engineers designed them and how they are still survived and famous.
First bridge that it will be handled Golden Gate Bridge is the oldest one of these three bridges. The bridge was finished and opened in 1937 and people has used it from this year to the present, probably they will use it much more years. The interesting information is that “In the opening the chain was cut whereas people expect that ribbon was cut” (Wikipedia, description). Even the structure was finish...

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