The Hubris King Oedipus

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The role of hubris has presented itself in the play Oedipus the King by Sophocles, we learn that Oedipus is a hubris king who tries to control the gods and avoid his fate. Hubris is defined as excessive personal pride which we see in Oedipus throughout the play. As the play progresses further, Oedipus hubris overwhelms him and he gets into dangerous situations. His pride as king blinds him from the truth as he goes directly to his downfall without realizing it. Oedipus hubris is what causes his tragic downfall because he blinds himself from Tiresias prophecy, avoids Apollo’s prophecy, and his pursuit in trying to find Laius’ murder. Oedipus calls in Tiresias to reveal the murder of Laius. Tiresias arrives but he would not reveal the murder of Laius and gives out riddles about the murder. Oedipus does not understand the riddles and ends up getting furious with Tiresias. Tiresias calls him blind and says he does not know his own past. Oedipus arrogance causes him to accuse Tiresias of going against him and betraying him. “It has, except for you. You have no power or truth. You are blind, your ears and mind as well as eyes” (Sophocles 23). Oedipus judges Tiresias immediately to keep him below him in his mind and thinks he is far more superior to him. Oedipus hubris makes him avoid Tiresias’ advice and blinds him from the truth which is that he is the threat that harms the city of Thebes. Oedipus accuses Creon for conspiring with Tiresias so that they can take his throne away from him. He becomes jealous and fearful that they were trying to take away his title of king. Creon does not care about becoming king because he has equally the same amount of power as Oedipus. Oedipus says, “Not at all. Death is what I want for you, not exil... ... middle of paper ... ...ipus hubris prevents him from finding out the real murder. He spends so much time persuading the murder that he does not realize that it was him all along. Oedipus hubris personality gets in his way by putting a curse on him and ends up blinding himself because of it. The role of hubris controlled Oedipus fate because he did not listen to Tiresias’ prophecy, avoided Apollo’s prophecy, and he blindly tries to pursue Laius murder without realizing he killed Laius. In the end of the play, Oedipus is seen as a tragic hero who led himself to his tragic down fall because of his excessive pride. When Oedipus realizes his true identity he could not bear the truth and ask Creon to sends him into exile. The errors he made in every situation he faced caused him to suffer and became ashamed for what he did. If Oedipus was not so hubris, his fate would have ended differently.
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