The Hoysaleswara Sanctuary in Hassan District, Karnataka India

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About Hoysaleswara Sanctuary

The Hoysaleswara sanctuary is devoted to Ruler Shiva, who is the destroyer of the Universe according to Hinduism.

This sanctuary was manufactured throughout the twelfth century and the Hoysala Ruler Vishnuvardhana constructed it.

Throughout the fourteenth century the Muslims attacked Halebidu and plundered its wealth and riches.

The sanctuary was leveled and dismissed by the rulers. Hoysaleswara was additionally alluded to as Dwarasamudra or Dorasamudra.

The separation from Belur to Halebidu is about 16 kilometers; Hassan to Halebidu is something like 31 kilometers.

Hoysaleswara Sanctuary has two altars, one committed to Hoysaleswara and an alternate for Shantaleswara (named after Shantala Devi, ruler of Lord Vishnuvardhana).

Remaining on a raised stage, the sanctuary is made out of Chloritic Schist (Soapstone, otherwise called potstone).

Both of the altars are placed beside one another, confronting the east course.

The altar embodies the Shiva lingam (phallic type of Ruler Shiva), the widespread image of Master Shiva.

Additionally alternate holy places, there is one hallowed place that is devoted to Master Surya.

Here, Sun God is portrayed in the 7 ft tall picture. The corridors contain tremendous pictures of Nandi, the chaperon of Master Shiva.

Hoysaleswara Sanctuary remains as a testimonial of the former period.

The extraordinary structure of the sanctuary has been licensed for being the embodiment of Hindu structural engineering.

History of Hoysaleswara Sanctuary

The Shiva and Parvathi sanctuary was manufactured by Lord Vishnuvardhana.

It was the Shaivas who helped cash and riches for building this lovely sanctuary.

Throughout this time, the Chennakesava sanctuar...

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...takes about Rs 400 for taxi to arrive at Halebid from Hassan.

Hassan is associated with numerous urban communities in Karnataka and neighboring states.

By Way: Halebid is decently associated by KSRTC transport administrations.

It is associated with all real urban areas close-by, including Bangalore, which is 222 km far from Halebid.

Private transports are accessible from Bangalore grand transport station to Halebid, taking a toll about Rs 600.

Area: Halebid, Karnataka

Manufactured in:12th century

Manufactured By:delhi Sultanate.

Devoted to:lord Shiva



Sanctuary Timing: 6:00am to 10:00 Pm

Hugeness: One of the biggest sanctuaries committed to Master Shiva in South India

Going to Timing: 30 Mins

Best time to Visit:any time

Closest Line Station: Hassan Route station 27km

Closest Airstrip: Mangalore Landing strip

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