The How Of Happiness By Sonja Lyubomirsky

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“The How of Happiness” chapter of Sonja Lyubomirsky emphasizes how making the happiness of our life and how it relates to our bodies. I realized the happiness is a part to contribute our life get better. It cannot deficient because it will make my life is getting depressed and sad. The determined happiness makes me surprise and interesting because that is the normal happened around my league. For example, the beauty and material wealth can make us feel happy. Although it is not a long-term happiness, it still can make us feel happy. According from the book, a wise (and rich) person once said, “I’ve never borrowed a significant amount of money in my life…[because] I never thought I would be way happier when I had 2X instead of X.” (p.45) That…show more content…
It is very simple to everyone if we have the spirit in positive thinking. The happiness is always around us, but we have to acting and looking forward the happiness. Therefore, the author shows us two examples of Judith, Markus, and Roland in adaption of happiness. With Judith, she was choosing happy because she thought her life got better in the future. Although she were already born in the low set point for happiness and difficult life circumstances, she were still choosing happy is the goal for her. Every time she had bad thought, she were always stopping her mind to think about it. As in the chapter, “There is no happiness without action.” (p.68) This is quote for me to learn in the happiness. Related to the topic, I used to face to the problem with my first love. It was really worst. I had depressed almost over three months. At that time, I could not eat and do anything. It was wounds and traumas. I thought I couldn’t overcome. Finally, I could deal with it. I chose the happiness to live it because I realize I can find the new one who will be love me more than him. From my first love, I draw the experience “be happy” to myself because no one has responsible to produce the happiness to me. I cannot depend the happiness too much on
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