The Houses in My Life

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The Houses in My Life
Houses are all different in one way or the other some are small and some are big. My house is not small, it’s not big. That old house is located in the Meadows Place Community on Bloomington Ln and it’s about 40 years old.
The old house I have lived in was so small the rooms were like a shoes box of small. The walls were starting to fall apart from how old it was. The kitchen was all destroyed because the one of the cabinets fell off and then the rest started to fall off too. The kitchen floor was so ugly like the tiles were starting to break. There were pieces of tile everywhere when my mom would sweep the floor. The paint started to look like someone got an eraser and just erased it all. (Visual imagery)
The bedrooms were not as bad. It had 3 bedrooms and 2 restrooms. One of the bedrooms had the windows broken there was glass all over the floor and the beds from a burglar trying to get in. The window had a hole as big as a tire. (Visual imagery)The other rooms were better they were pretty decorated but they had wet marks from a pipe that broke in the ceiling. The wet marks looked like someone went in the attic and just hit the ceiling with a hammer and then dumped buckets of water on it. They didn’t have ceiling fans because we got that stolen while we were on vacation with the family.
The house I live in know is like 3 times better than the first one because it’s in a better neighborhood. The house has everything we need and more. This house is not in the conditions our old house was its way better. This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 restrooms but it’s bigger than that one the rooms are just spaced out. The...

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...the game better. The court would have a stand were I would keep all sort of foods and energy drinks for my practice.
Behind that I would built a softball field where I would invite my friends to come and play a game of softball for fun. I would have it built in my favorites color purple and light blue-green. Then I would have a field house where I would keep everything and anything that’s needed to play that sport so I would never have to be buying thing all the time when I run out. It will have the best bats, helmets, and outfits for softball.
If I had this house I would feel like I have won the lottery. I could have my family and friends come over and thou those movies like parties were everyone is having fun. I would make me feel like I have accomplish something in my life that I can leave behind for the people that own it after me like my family.

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