The House On Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros

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In “The House on Mango Street” the author Sandra Cisneros explores the ins and outs of a girl living in a neighborhood of poverty. The main character of the book experiences may things that ultimately shape her into the person she wants to become. Through the book Cisneros explains the experiences out of a person’s control creates a foundation for what they value in life by having Esperanza move houses, go through a traumatic event, and have social normalities forced upon her. Esperanza is first influenced by an experience out of her control when she is forced to uproot from her previous home and move to a new house on Mango Street. Her initial idea of the house was that it was just another house; falling apart like the ones before with,…show more content…
She is influenced by her society to grow up and be a wife to a husband, while her mother tells her how she has to look saying that her, “dusty hair will settle” and that her “blouse will learn to stay clean”(88). However that’s not what she wants. From all of the times of people telling her what to do she realizes she doesn’t want to be like how the world wants her to act. Esperanza states, “I have begun my own quiet war. Simple. Sure. I am the one who leaves the table like a man, without putting back the chair or picking up the plate.”(89) She acts this way to prove she’s her own person, that she doesn’t want to be like everyone else, and that she has her own values. She values being independent and that she can make her own decisions. Esperanza has built up a defiance towards all that she’s been told to do. Overall, Esperanza experienced multiple events that shaped her into the person she is. The experiences she had built the foundation for what she values by exposing her to the world around her. By moving to the house on Mango Street and experiencing the traumatic events along with the social norms Esperanza became the person she wanted to be even when the circumstances weren’t in her
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