The House Of My Grandma

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The house of my grandma was enormous. The house is located in the neighborhood of Campo Valdés, in front of the plaza where the big church is visible from varied angles of the city of Medellín. It had nine bedrooms, two living rooms, a spacious kitchen, its comfortable dining room for all the family to gather, three courtyards where she would place her heterogeneous collection of plants, for which my grandma was psyched about, and the terrace where she would host parties and BBQs. All the family would get together, the children would sprint all over the hallway, involved in a seek and hide game, or pretending to be kings and queens. I remember that my grandma would function all day long, she wished everyone to have a good time at her parties. I can recall one of my aunts, the oldest of them all, was having an altercation with my grandma, saying, “Leave that alone, mom. I’m going to do it. You, go and rest.” Nevertheless, my grandma was a bit of a stubborn and she wanted to do everything herself. Yes, those were the days in which the house remained alive, cheerful, and in a constant movement. During the holidays, a lot of people, from everywhere, visited my grandma. She was like a celebrity. Then after she died, all her offspring took divergent paths; the beautiful edification was on the verge of collapsing because of how old and unattended it was. In fact, people wanted to take the house down. They wanted to build a mall for pets. Until the day I heard such absurdity, I wasn’t aware that pets would go shopping; sometimes I think people have become more stupid and ridiculous nowadays, constructing things like these. I, as a politician, felt that I needed to utilize my influences to save the house. It wasn’t just because it had a ... ... middle of paper ... ...ccording to this man the house could not be demolish. This particular territory was once an indigenous habited land. Right under this house there’s a buried guaca with several 24K ingots in it. The guaca is enchanted, therefore, only the person selected by the guaca can unbury it without the help of someone else. Otherwise, the guaca will move automatically. If the house was destroyed, nothing could be built in that territory, according to the law. The law stated that if the territory was ever free, the guaca shall be found before building anything new. Everybody was stunned. Days after, Tierra mascotil decided to sell the house and build their store somewhere else. I, of course, bought the house back, and now I’m pondering on the idea of demolishing it myself, trying to surreptitious find that guaca, because purchasing the house wouldn’t bring my family back.

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