The Hours Analysis

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In Laura’s Brown short story “The Hours” by Michael Cunningham, Laura was living the American dream. She had a beautiful house, an amazing husband and a precious son. She had everything that any women will desired, but it wasn’t enough for her. Brown wanted more than being a housewife, she wanted to be free as Virginia Wolf who drowned herself in a river. Laura wanted to feel free but she could only accomplish that by committing suicide, which her conscience didn’t let her be. Overall, the pressure for Laura Brown was enormous because of the word perfection, it was the only obstacle interfering with Laura’s life, in which she develops Psychological struggles to please her family in many ways.
Laura was disappointed with herself because the
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As a mother, she didn’t do her job very well. It was unpleasant to see her smoking a cigarette while being pregnant. In fact, her metal illness was building up that she heard voices speaking to her and imagined herself living in other dimensional, where she didn’t have to worry about anything, she was free (Laura 150). There was no Dan, Richie and Kitty only herself. Laura was reconstructing imagines of Virginia wolf and Clarissa Dalloway. Her personality was changing and developing a different persona, even she wanted to be free as virginal wolf who drowned herself to dead (Laura 150). Sometimes people create personalities from characters that they strong admired, so they can revive them and follow them as a living role. This is a Psychological problem that people often has to face. This illness can change the way of how people thinks and behave. Moreover, Laura thinks that dying is the answers to all her problems. Hence, the author explains that “She sees…and enter a neutral zone, a clean white room, where dying does not seem quite so strange” (Laura 151). As shown above, she sees dying as a beautiful dream, in which herself is transferred into realm where dreams come true. Additionally, her struggles increased and she wants to escape from it. Her plan is to commit suicide on the room of the hotel. But suddenly she regains her conciseness and those terrible thoughts disappear (Laura 151). Then again, Laura sees…show more content…
She tried desperately to bake a cake for husband but the word the perfection is the only obstacle interfering with her plans. The perfect cake seems to be a nightmare. I think that it is impossible to do something unique. Perfection requires plenty of work not several tries. When some wants to perfect something, he or she has practice it over and over until perfection is merely reach. At that certain level you had mastered perfection. Moreover, Psychological struggles can be very problematical because you’re doing things without your willing. In the case of Laura, she saw dying as a problem solver. With the constantly pressure she was building depression, which lead to the metal illness and not to mentions the books read as inspiration for her life. Likewise, these characters from the books were having impact on her life. She always carried a copy of the book. However, Laura’s depression was very high that she almost committed suicide. She saw this opportunity to escape from this cruel world and travel into another dimensional, in where dreams come true. This a sad reality for a woman who had a husband and a son. This metal illness can take ways that things you love the most and including your own life. Overall, Laura felt the her family was too good for her, so perfection was key word on her role as housewife but the struggles started when she saw herself as Virginia wolf who died