The Hound Of The Baskervilles

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I am doing an historical analysis of the climax in The Hound of the Baskervilles. The novel is based upon a mythological creature “the hound” of the Baskervilles. It is an age old curse on the family name a creature thought to be of the supernatural that kills Sir Charles Baskerville and causes much problems in this novel especially for Sherlock and Watson who are trying to solve this mysterious and mind twisting case. This book is solely a case of evil vs. good This seventeenth century novel takes place in London, Devonshire where the whole mystery falls into action .Sherlock Holmes and Watson live in their London apartment , where they run their private detective agency from . They live in a very nice area of the city, and most people there are quite wealthy. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are both kind of loners, and they don 't have any family. One of the other characters Sir Henry Baskerville who is coming to London to claim the estate of his deceased uncle Sir Charles Baskerville, has family in the United States where he has lived his whole life. Sir Henry Baskerville has come to London to claim the estate that was left to him by his uncle who had a weak heart and it is thought that he died of a heart attack The mystery begins to evolve when Sherlock Holmes finds a cane in his home and does not know who it belongs to. A man by the name of Dr. Mortimer comes to claim the cane, but he also came with a job for Sherlock Holmes and Watson. He has reason to believe that Sir Charles Baskerville was murdered, and that Sir Henry is next. He has a document that talks of The Hound of Baskervilles, which is supposed to the be the thing behind the murders, because it doesn 't want anyone living on the Baskerville Hall. the theory of this ... ... middle of paper ... ...t that it is just a regular dog wearing a mask. The ending of the story is surprised because Sir Henry is beginning to fall in love with Cecil, but he then finds out that she hates him and is a descendant of Sir Hugo Baskerville, and they are related. He also finds out that Cecil and Stapleton want control of the Baskerville Hall, so they used the legend of the hound kill of the family, so they could inherit the estate. The whole climax and the main plot of this book based upon a hound that is roaming the halls of the baskervilles killing of the name and causing much conflict and terror. But ends up being a case between good and evil . The evil being greedy and devising a plan to kill his family and take over the baskerville hall all behind a made up family curse . But in the end the good provials and ends up finding out the evil and exposing it for its true colors.

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