The Horror of Animal Experimentation

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Millions of animals, of many species and genus, are experimented on. The types of animals that are bred and used in tests are numerous and alarming. These animals include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, non human primates, birds, mice, and rats. Astonishingly, the estimated number of animals victimized in U.S. labs every year is over 100 million. Most of these animals experience absolute torture in labs for their entire lives, which may not even be that long of a time due to what they’re put through. The experiments, conducted by many companies and organizations, are terrible and almost impossible to describe without using graphic imagery. Many companies and organizations conduct animal tests. The NIH is currently the largest funder of these experiments worldwide. Agricultural companies experiment on farm animals to increase production of chicken, eggs, wool, etc. Companies involved in cosmetics will often use animals to test if their products could possibly cause harm. When researching wound remedies or effects of chemical weapons, the military conducts experiments on animals a...
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