The Horror Movies: The Ideas Of Horror Films

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Some of the most iconic films in history has been those of the horror and since fiction genre. These films have gone down in history as the most thrilling experiences, bringing in audiences who want to leave with their hearts racing and a fear set into them so they can’t sleep at night. Coming from some of the darkest and twisted parts of the mind, the history of this classic genre is just as thrilling as the movies themselves. Horror movies draw their earliest inspirations from authors of gothic novels, such as Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, and Edgar Allen Poe. These authors really set the foundation for the movies to draw inspiration from, one of the earliest examples being The Haunted Castle (1896) by George Méliès. This short film explores the idea of vampires, set up by Bram Stokers Dracula. Since then the idea of vampires has been a popular subject throughout history, capturing the imagination of blood and gore for men and dark romances for women. Some more recent and popular examples of this being The Lost Boys (1987) and Interview With the Vampire (1994). Throughout the years, however, peoples ideas of horror change. One of the earliest examples of science fiction would be George Méliès, A Trip to the Moon (1902), however the genre does not truly take off until the 1950’s. Post cold war America…show more content…
However, they still bring in audiences and bring in big bucks. “Horror films made over $413 million in the United States in 2012, while comedy films ranked as the biggest grossers with $1.64 billion the same year,” (Meredith Berg, studioD). It’s safe to say that as long as Americans can get scared and want to be terrified, horror and science fiction films will stick around. They’ve brought out our darkest side and made our nightmares become a reality throughout history, and we wouldn’t want it any other
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