The Horror And Survival Journey In Night By Elie Wiesel

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“Night” by Elie Wiesel is a horror and survival story told at a nauseating scale. The author, with this autobiographic masterpiece, opens a small historic window to the systemic genocide committed by the Nazis against humanity. He offers the reader a very personal and painful narrative about his travel throughout the darkest chapters of human history. Finally, “Night” represents the travails of a boy that gets his innocence destroyed, that gets physically decimated, but that ultimately wins over his abductors. Elie is a fourteen year old innocent and obedient boy dedicated to religious studies with a deep faith in God and total devotion to his father and his beautiful nurturing family. He lives a peaceful, meaningful live appropriate for his age. One day, his world turned upside down by cruel and surreal events. After the Nazis invade Hungary, they ship his family to the Auschwitz concentration camp. During that ordeal, the beasts separate him from his town, then from his mother and young sisters. In similar fashion, his Jewish community, composed of loving families, gets abandoned to the psychopathic designs of Adolf Hitler. When Elie arrives at Auschwitz’s gates, he describes the scary experience…show more content…
Miraculously, the few thousands prisoners Jews still alive when the Allies rescued them defeated lottery like odds. Even though, they were a shell of human beings. Elie reflected this when he wrote “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me” (Wiesel 115). At the end of the war, Jewish survivors were living corpses that managed to outlast Hitler and the sick, coward people that did the murderous bidding of a despicable regime. They were a living shocking symbol of the atrocities committed against the Jews. They were also a symbol of hope and perseverance. And among them was Elie, triumphant. The young, hardened boy forced to be an adult would go to combat their gross ideology with a humanitarian
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