The Homelessness Problem Of Homelessness In The United States

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Nowadays, many street children struggle about how to survive and how to find any foods to make them full. They do not have a place to live. They do not have chances to go to school. They even do not know how to fight for their own rights. “Under the McKinney-Vento law, children who lack a “fixed, regular, and adequate” residence are considered homeless”(Dill, 2010, p45). Even through the definition of homeless is according to the residence status, the side effects of being homeless are not limited to the residence problem. Without a reliable place for students to live in, students cannot maintain their normal daily activities and even cannot ensure their safety. Losinski, Katsiyannis and Ryan (2013) have drawn attention to the fact that “During the 2008–2009 academic school year, nearly a million (956,914) students were reported by school districts as being homeless”(p.92). As the homeless problem become more and more serious, US government put more effort into it. United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) is a government organization established in 1987. USICH are authorized by McKinney Homeless Assistance Act with the goal to reduce and end homelessness in the United States. This paper will focus on the effort USICH put into solving the homelessness problem of children by introducing, critiquing and offering specific improvement for the three solution given by USICH: education help, let government to make new laws to protect homeless children, plan for affordable shelter to live.
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) gives a solution called education help, which is focusing on the public and community giving everyone, of course, including student, a chance to be involved in school. USICH addr...

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...tion and improvement of three solutions given by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness: get children educated, press congress to make new law, get children protected by shelter. If homeless children are left behind today, they may become homeless adults in the future. It is normal to feel that it needs too much to solve the homeless problem today, but the cost of controlling those homeless adults in the future must be much more than the cost to help them today. One day, they will revenge the world through their own way due to the disappointment bringing by homelessness, which is extremely dangerous. However, if we can pay more attention to those who are homeless in everyday life, we can help them out and create the world a better future. Helping homeless children is not only the mission of USICH, but also the mission of everyone with a kind heart.
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