The Homeless

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They are not uneducated, “just lazy”, or con artists they are simply the group of Americans who have been hit the hardest by this recession we are trying so desperately to get out of, the homeless. Homelessness is one of the most prevalent problems in America today. There are homeless people of every gender, race, and age. In 2011, an estimated 643,067 people where homeless. The idea of anyone having no place to call their own is depressing, but in such a large quantity, it’s simply ludicrous.
The main reasons for homelessness can be but is not limited to: Unavailability of employment opportunities, Poverty, Lack of accessible healthcare, (People who have some chronic and weakening diseases but cannot get healthcare either because they don't have the money or because the government will not give it to them are simply too weak to go and work every day.) Abuse by government or by other people with power, War or armed conflict, Natural disasters, Mental disorder,(where mental health services are unavailable or difficult to access) Disability, (where disability services are non-existent or poor performing) Social exclusion, Substance abuse ,Lack of affordable housing, Domestic violence, Relationship breakdown, (mostly in relation to young people and their parents) Prison release and re-entry into society, Forced eviction, and Mortgage foreclosures, (mortgage holders see the best solution to a loan default is to take and sell the house to pay off the debt). As you can see, there are many, many reasons for a person to become homeless, and many of these things can happen to anyone.
Homeless people also face many problems which include: medical problems, personal security, quiet, privacy, safekeeping of possessions, (which may have to b...

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...on I don’t think enough is being done to help the homeless and it’s not all the churches and governments faults. We as their fellow Americans don’t do enough. We think we are superior to them, and act as if they don’t exist, or don’t have feelings. If you have some spare change in your pocket why not just give it to them? If you were in there position I’m sure you would want someone to do it for you! And many of us have clothes in our closet we no longer fit or no longer like, why not drop them off at the Salvation Army? There is someone out there who would be grateful for something clean to wear. Or how about you just give a friendly smile at a homeless person when you walk down the street, that just might brighten up there whole day. It will definitely take a lot of work to end homelessness but the first step is giving them the respect they deserve as citizens.
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