The Holocaust and The Final Solution Plan

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The Holocaust, it’s such a horrific topic. Why do we study this? The answer I will give at the end of this essay, although, there are many ways people look at the holocaust, different opinions that people have, different understandings. This is my understanding. Holocaust. (The Greek word meaning Whole (Holo), and burnt (Caust). The name although sad, is quite an appropriate name for this event in history, because the Jewish people’s spirt, was almost entirely “Burnt”. Hitler’s rise to power began in the year of 1919, the NAZI party was started during post World War 1, and Hitler became the leader of Germany, with the help of his “High Charisma”. Being able to spread his racist ideals with ease. His hatred was directed for the most part, towards the Jews. He blames the Jews for the loss of World War 1. Hitler inspired the German people by, promising that after suffering that humiliating defeat in their previous World War, that the German pride and, supremacy would once again be restored, and the Aryan race would be the dominate race. But, drawing close to the end of the second Wor...