The Holocaust: Why We Study The Holocaust

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Our class learns about the Holocaustfor many of reasons. First, the country we live in which is the United States (U.S.) was in the war, and also helped free the people in concentration camps. The Holocaust tells part of our worlds history and lets everyone learn from the mistakes our world made. Another reason we study the Holocaust is because it was a part of getting the U.S. out of the Great Depression. The Holocaust did not happen instintley it happened over years of planning. The Holocaust started by Hilter's rise of power. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian artist that failed to succeed. He was a solider in World War I, and got injuried by mustard gas which made him temporarly blind. After the war became mad at Germany because the lost the war. He was so mad at Germany that he tried to over throw the government, but he did not succeed at that point. The government threw Hitler in jail for five year because of treason. As he was in jail he wrote a book called Mein Kampf or My Struggle. Since he wrote the book he only had to serve nine months of his five years sentence. Then when he was let out Hitler was with the Nazi Party, and became chansler of Germany in January 1933. Later on he appointed himself dictator of Germany. In 1939-1940 the Nazi Party invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, France, Beligium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands. On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This unexpected attack was a surprise to the U.S. because it didn't allow the Navy to much time to react. The event at Pearl Harbor lead the United Sates to war. WWII helped the U.S. get out of the Great Depression. It also allowed women to work in factories and other important jobs since the men were at war. The U.S. was on the Allied Pow... ... middle of paper ... ...e learn about the Holocaust to recognize how terrible those millions of people were treated and how wrong it was to allow that much control. We learn about the Holocaust because of how discriminated people were and how they were not treated as equals or individuals. Luckily, the Allied Powers won and saved those that were left to be saved. It might have been to late, but it was big change to our world. The reason that we learn the Holocaust is to learn what our countries did wrong, and how to prevent it from happening again. In the quote by Edmund Surke states" The only thing neccessary for the triumph of evil is for the good men to do nothing". Our people need to know how to respond or react to those that are trying to ruin the world. We need to learn about the Holocaust so we know what to do iin a time of chaos, and to try not to allow it to happen a second time.
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