The Holocaust Was A Mass Genocide

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Generally speaking, if one were to ask an American if they know what the holocaust was, most of the time they would produce a somewhat correct answer. One could also infer the individual would speak broadly about WWII, genocide, Nazi and Adolf Hitler. For those who do not know, The Holocaust was a mass genocide that targeted many groups deemed by the Nazi party to be subhuman(also referred to as Untermensch) such as Roma(Gypsies), Poles, People with Disabilities and Russians. However when hearing the term “Holocaust” or “NAZI” one group in particular is almost always brought to mind, Jews, and for good reason. Jews were the main target of the Nazi Party. Although highly argued, an estimated 5,933,900( Approximately 38% of the Jewish world population) were killed during the Final Solution. Usually when an individual is tasked with explaining the Holocaust, they tend to use a political standpoint to explain it. However, religion itself played a vital role in the holocaust. Both extraordinary and ordinary religion played vital roles in the victimization of Jews during the Holocaust. Through their traditional, cultural and societal differences, they were deemed subhuman to the so called ‘Aryan Race’. As a result of these differences, Jews were used as a scapegoat for the many problems Germany faced. Before explaining the role that religion played in the holocaust, it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the historical origins of the Holocaust. On January 30th, 1933 Adolf Hitler, a passionate and radical speaker was appointed as the chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg of Germany. Adolf Hitler, was the leader of the right-wing National Socialist German Workers Party, also Known as the Nazi Party. The Nazi party wa... ... middle of paper ... ...rences, which helplessly isolated Jews. Elie Wiesel wrote in his memoir Night “It is obvious that the war which Hitler and his accomplices waged was a war not only against Jewish men, women, and children, but also against Jewish religion, Jewish culture, Jewish tradition, therefore Jewish memory.” Hitler used the Jewish religion as a weapon against the Jewish people. He used it to separate Jews from the rest of society, thus be able to oppress them with public support. When discussing the Holocaust one must discuss all aspects of the holocaust including political, economic, societal, historical and religious aspects. Not discussing religions role in the holocaust would be a grave blunder. The holocaust was a ethnic cleansing which targeted all aspects of judaism, not a single aspect. By not explaining religions role, one would not be fully explaining the Holocaust.
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