The Holocaust: Trains of No Return

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The Holocaust was a deplorable event in history. Millions of people were annihilated. This was a eventuality of antisemitism. Germans were considered to be "superior" from the Jewish people. However, the racial separation was not only aimed toward Jews, but to Gypsies, Slavic, disabled people, and others.
The word "Holocaust" origins from Greek, meaning "a sacrifice consumed by fire." (Merriam Webster Dictionary) This title is usually given to occurrences where genocides are most likely to happen. The Holocaust began before it was officially declared to be a war, mostly because people did not realize quickly enough it was really manifesting. It all goes down to one man, Adolf Hitler. He was born April 20, 1889. Adolf Hitler's life was full of trauma, both of his parents stopped living, and he was left homeless. He was rejected at school, but somehow ended up with the Germans.
After World War I, Germany was in an agonizing crisis. They had lost the war they began, and their economy was a chaos. People were desperate for a rise in politics, for an improvement. So, they introduced, Adolf, who was their secret weapon. He had a significant hatreds, and thoughts, but most importantly he had a special capability. "Hitler had found his great talent for speaking. And he could see immediately that his powerful speaking could be easily bend the people to his will." (Wolosky pg. 16)
In January 30, 1933, he was appointed as Chancellor of Germany, after the Nazis won 33% of the vote in a Reichstag election. By March, the current president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, soon surrendered to Hitler's party, and died a while after. Because the president was dead, Hitler automatically declared himself as the Füher. Germany had a Jewish po...

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.... Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. The consistent war was concluded.
"Upon the winds shifting tides.
Giving one last tribal battle war cry,
Why my father but the great spirit answers not.
Behold America's legacy, a world trampled beneath
It's heavy iron fist, all in the name of progress or for the cause
Of Manifest destiny."
-Cheryl Anna Dunn

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