The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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One of the most horrible events that has happened to mankind would be the Holocaust. It involved the imprisonment and execution of almost 6 million Jews. This is an unimaginable number to comprehend. To understand that approximately two-thirds of the Jewish populations was killed is insane. Preceding the Holocaust, the Jewish population was limited less and less every year with what they were allowed todo. They were not allowed into German restaurant, not allowed to use German water fountains, and were eventually forced out of their homes and to abandon all of their belongings. Over many years the Jews slowly lost their rights to everything, even to be a human being. The worst part of the Holocaust began in 1933. That year, work and concentration camps were set up to put the Jews through hard labor and to “exterminate” them. Millions of people were displaced, and this continued until the end of WWII in 1945. The main reason for the Holocaust was because it was part of Adolf Hitler’s, “Master Plan”. He wanted the world to be inhabited only by the German race. He began with the Jewish race, and never got much farther than that. It led to the German citizens despising the Jews, because with the propaganda they were putting out, it portrayed them as evil people. It showed them with long noses, and completely humiliated the Jewish people.
This paper will follow the movies The Pianist and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Although both films are stories of fiction, they closely follow horrors that happened during the Holocaust. I chose these two films because of different views of the main characters. One is of a Jew hiding from deportation in The Pianist, and another is of a boy who is the son of a German official in, The Boy in the ...

... middle of paper ... looking, almost like the people in the concentration camps. He narrowly escaped death to get sick when the Red Army finally crushed Nazi Germany. He was lucky to live and tell his story of what happened to him. Both main characters had different views of the Holocaust, which are two of millions of views that he victims had.
The terrible truth of the Holocaust is that millions of people had a story of what happened to them, and their voices were silenced for no reason other than following their religion. The world is for all people to share and enjoy, for all people to be equal. This is not the case in society now or forever. There always has and always will be hate in the world towards each other, and I fear this will always be the case until we all leave this earth. In the meantime, nations will rise and fall, and the cycle will continue until the end of time.

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